Might you be a water manager or planner in the future?
Or will you need to assess water value?

Are you preparing for the challenges of the past's water management problems or tomorrow's? What "difference-making" tools do you possess for solving water management issues? Are your skills unique in any way? When asked to participate in new water management strategies or to perform policy-focused analysis, will you be ready? Might it be important for you to understand the market value of water or how to price it?

About this Course

Economically derived insights and tools have much to contribute to the solution of water scarcity problems. The purpose of this course is to provide a working knowledge of water resource economics for future water managers and planners as well as for people wishing to improve their comprehension of these problems. Policy options are established and explored. Analytical tools for performing policy and project assessment are introduced and applied. Participation by fellow students pursuing specialized water topics will enlarge course benefits.

Prerequisites: undergraduate calculus (basic optimization and integration).

About the Textbook

See the book's website where there are optional supporting materials including independent reviews of the book and the publisher's website.

About the "Readings"

Select the "Readworthy" tab above to see some interesting highlights from the news. Some other published and online resources are assembled there too.

In A&M's Water Management Program

AgEc 606 was developed because of the Water Management Program and is better suited than AgEc 604 for achieving a water expertise. More plainly: you can acquire sufficient knowledge to talk about resource economics generally or you can develop an understanding of water problems, their solutions, and some practical capabilities. (Taking both classes is a nice path too!)

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