Structurally, the 2nd edition is much like the 1st. Yet the content is modernized and more mature. There are additional appendices containing important reference material, a new chapter, and other enhancements.

Welcome to these pages conveying optional materials for the 2nd edition. Downloadable below are chiefly the programs used for the computations and graphics of the text.

Mathematica files are given as both .nb and .pdf files. Although the programming code is that of Mathematica, much of it closely resembles that of other languages.

Go here to obtain the free Player application at Wolfram Research, Inc. This app enables direct reading of Mathematica (.nb) files, giving non-owners access to cell structure and the ability to resize graphics. The hierarchical cells can be opened/closed by double clicking the rightside brackets.

Each ♦ symbol in the table below represents a file that can be downloaded (click them). Although the table is mainly organized according to the text's Figures, there are computations performed in these files too, depending on what is happening in the book.
                    Description                       .nb   .pdf        Excel         Other 
Chapter 2
     Figures 1-4          
     Figures 5-12          
     Figures 13-16          
Chapter 3
     Figure 1 (smoothing)          
     Figure 2 (mrkt observations)          
     Figure 3 (preference theory)          
     Figure 5 (dyn eff)          
     Drawing from a reservoir optimztn          
     Appendix spreadsheet example           
Chapter 4
     Figures 1-3          
     Table 1          
     Figures 4-6, Table 2          
Chapter 5
     Figure 1 (natural monopoly)          
Chapter 6
     Figures 1-7          
     Box 6.2          
     Box 6.3          
Chapter 7
     Figures 1-4          
     Applewhite analysis          
     Footnote 17       
Chapter 8
     Figures 1 & 8          
Chapter 9
     Figure 1 (block rates)          
Chapter 10
     Figures 1-6 & LP of Box 1 & OLS
       of Box 2 & appendix box          
     Data for regression of Box 2     
Chapter 12
       First Model optimization